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Robotics Competition

RoboMonkee announces Speedster. The competition mainly focuses on Skill Development, Multi Tasking, Teamwork, Technical exposure and Problem Solving. The tracks are primarily designed to evaluate a Team on the grounds of their Team Work and Problem solving capabilities.

Speedster 2020 was the most succesful even hosted by us in which over 50 competitors from various age groups participated and won exciting prizes. The competition was held in Nashik in which participants from junior as well as senior age groups participated!

There are generally 2 age groups in competitions so that there is healthy competition and more fun! 2 categories namely junior and senior, can participate in competitions. As of the technical issue, we, team RoboMonkee make sure, everyone who participates in competition holds same knowledge about the particular event by conducting workshops as per demand.

All the details are released enough amount of time prior to competition so that you get proper time to learn and practice for competition. Stay tuned with us on the website to get updated on registration details!

During the period between declaration of dates and competition, we conduct workshops as per demand. Our expert engineers who have already won similar competitions share their experience.

Speedster was a specially a rc car event, in which competitors controlled thir self made cars on arena full of obstacles and one who finished fastest with least penalties won the competition!

In senior category, first prize was 20,000 RS and second prize was 15,000 RS and third prize was 10,000 RS!